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Review: Buy Me 3 by Alexa Riley








buy me 3Buy Me 3 is the third and final novella in Alexa Riley’s popular Mistress Auction Series.

Forty-something Las Vegas entrepreneur, Don Antonio Cortez, has spent the last three weeks stalking (via his casino’s security system) a young, lush woman known as “Peaches”.

Fresh and full of southern charm, Peaches (real name, Georgia) is a card-counting black jack player.  She’s the real deal, so to speak.

Georgia has been taking Don Cortez’s casino, The Golden Peacock, to the cleaners on a regular basis. You’d think that Don would have a major bone to pick with the woman who’s been heavily tapping his casino bank, but this being an Alexa Riley story, the only bone Don Cortez wants Peaches to pick is his and any future tapping will be between Don and Georgia’s “peach”.

A chase ensues, an auction occurs and the reader gets a big helping of peaches and cream, heavy on the vanilla.

Buy Me 3 is a standalone novella with an Alpha male, insta-love breeder storyline.  There’s also some daddy fantasy going on —by Georgia’s own observation, Don resembles a salt-and-peppered George Clooney. While the character of Georgia denies any daddy fantasy in the story, her use of “Daddy Warbucks” for Don says otherwise.

Additionally, Alexa Riley wraps up The Mistress Auction Series with the bonus story of Leo Ramsey and Samantha Levine, which this reader found to be the better of the two-story bundle.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2

These stories are written as erotica and are targeted to a specific, mature audience. They are written to entice and stimulate the adult reader — no kiddies, please.

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an  honest review.*





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