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Release Day Blitz: Always You by C. M. Steele

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Always you.jpgAlexander Richmond didn’t expect to spend spring break with the most beautiful female he’d ever seen when he planned to visit his buddy. She was more temptation than a week of bikini clad women on South Padre Island. There was just one major hiccup. She was only sixteen. By the end of the week, he made the decision to wait for her to grow up. Two very long years.

Calista (Cali) Delaney was shocked at her immediate reaction she had to her brother’s best friend. The tall handsome Alex was too perfect. After the first week together, she fantasized what a life with him could be like.

In two years many things could happen and did, but will it stop Alex and Cali from being together?

Of Course not, but follow their love story through pain and tragedy and a whole lot of loving.





Chapter 1

It was my final spring break before I graduated from college. Real life was just a stone’s throw away and I couldn’t wait for it. I drove my Lexus from Dallas to Irving. It may be spring break, but I wanted to spend it with my best friend instead of the beach. When Rob offered to let me stay at his place, I jumped at the chance at a normal, middle class, relaxing family visit. I hated the crowds and all the drunk bitches trying to crawl up my body, looking for a ride on my cock. With my bag in my hand, I made my way up their steps.

I was about to knock on the door when it opened and I saw the hottest female I’d ever seen. Now, I’d let her crawl up my body.  “Hi, you must be Alex. I’m Calista, but most call me Cali. Rob’s in the back.”

I paused for a moment—stunned. This had to be Rob’s little sister. He talked about her all the time, but never showed me a photo. Now I understood why; she was beautiful. The first thing that popped into my brain was that she was only sixteen. She didn’t look anything like a normal sixteen-year-old. Everything about her from the way she stood, to the curvature of her body made her look older. Even her face looked at least twenty-one. She stood there with her blonde hair in a tight ponytail, in skintight workout clothes. My body had an immediate and very inappropriate reaction to her. I didn’t know how to get my boy down. I wanted her and it was wrong. I never did anything wrong, so it pissed me the fuck off and like a prick, I took it out on her.

“Yeah, I am.” I swallowed deeply. “You know, you shouldn’t answer the door like that. It’s not safe.” I knew she took it the wrong way, when she looked down at her clothes like I disapproved. Granted, I did because that shit was too tight, but I was talking about the fact that she didn’t even look to see who was at the door before she opened it. I took in her appearance again because I couldn’t stop myself. Jealousy skirted through my mind, irrationally. She was technically a kid. It was not for me to even look at, let alone feel territorial over; but sure enough, I did.

“There’s nothing wrong with my outfit,” she snapped. “My brother’s that way. Excuse me, I’ve got to run.” She rushed passed me in a pair of yoga capris and a tight running shirt, making her way down a wooden path across the street from their home. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Her ass bounced so nicely, I forgot she was just a teen. If I forgot, so did every other guy that she crossed paths with.

Rob came up behind me as I stared off into the distance watching her jog away from me. “So you met my sister.” He chuckled. “I told you men think she’s older. We’ve got a lot of trouble on our hands when she starts dating. Anyways, come on through, enjoy some food and let’s chill.”

I was still looking out the door when he closed it. “She’s fine,” he said, tapping my shoulder.

“Yes, she is,” I muttered under my breath. I let it slip and Rob shook his head.

“In two years, Alex. She’s legal in two years, but not before.” He gave me a look, warning me off. He knew I wasn’t a bastard toward women, but Cali was his sister. So it didn’t matter if I was perfect.

“I’m sorry. That was rude of me.” Fuck, get it together, I mentally chastised myself. Calista was a little girl.

“You’re not the first, Alex.” That jealousy came back again with a vengeance. He just gave me a smirk and walked to the backyard.

The entire time we sat in the backyard, having beers and eating steak, I was looking at the door, waiting for her to return. Participating in our conversation was damn near impossible when all my concentration was focused on when she would get back.

“Don’t you think your sister’s been gone a long time?” I asked.

“No, man. She’s only been gone about an hour. She should be back soon. She’s usually gone about an hour and a half.” Damn that was a long time. Cali needed a fucking treadmill. I was going to look into that Tread Climber when I got home.


Holy shit balls. I opened the door to the man who would steal my soul if I’d let him. Alexander Richmond was stupidly handsome. I couldn’t believe the way my body reacted the moment he smiled up at me. It didn’t last long, after the welcoming smile came the stone cold look that I noticed my brother give my friend Lydia anytime she was around. Immediately I knew what he was thinking. Rob thought Lydia’s crush on him was annoying and out of control. Did I look as pathetic as she did? Was I drooling like a silly school girl. I was a silly school girl, which was probably why Alexander was giving me that damn arched brow. He had to be about six three and built like a quarterback. His eyes were the brightest blue, brighter even than the Texas morning sky. They narrowed at me before he made a nasty remark about my clothes. What a fucking dick! There went that crush. Oh well, Danny Moore was still handsome, and he didn’t give me that ‘I smell manure’ face.

Spotting Rob, out the corner of my eye, coming from the backyard, I excused myself to go on my run. My brother would try to make me stay to be hospitable, and I needed to get my head together before I talked to the sexy jackass Alexander again.

My usual route to the park wouldn’t be good enough, I had to go the long way around, through a few hills. The spring breeze cooled my heated body the minute I hit the trail. Within the first mile, I had managed to calm down. I didn’t know why I was so riled up. Maybe it was because I was offended. My outfit wasn’t any different than any other runner. It fit me snug like it was supposed to, but he had a problem with it—like I was inviting trouble.

I ran harder than before, hating that I wanted to ask him why he was being mean to me. I was about three miles in when I was focused on the image of Alex’s face. He had light brown hair with pretty baby blues. His jaw was taut with a little bit of facial hair. I was meditating on the crooked smile he gave me when I opened the door and didn’t see the other person on a bike. Trying to avoid a serious tangle up, I tripped up on my own feet and twisted my ankle. In frustration and emotional defeat, I sat there thinking about Alexander and his stupid face. I mentally accused him for making me careless.

Starting to make my way back, I was about two miles from the house and close to the main path when I saw my friend’s older brother. “Hi Mark. I didn’t know you ran?” I asked. I knew he hated it, but maybe he thought he needed to workout.

“I just started. It’s harder than I thought. Are you okay?” he asked, noticing my gait.

“Just tweaked my ankle,” I told him. I didn’t want to go into details. God, I hated to be interrupted while I was running. When I ran, all I wanted was my music and to be alone with my thoughts.

“So, do you run often?”

“Every other day,” I said blandly, hoping he’d get the hint.

“Maybe we could run together sometime. Well, at least until I quit.” How did I know that was coming?

“Ha-ha. I don’t have a set time that I run, so it’ll be kind of hard to meet with your work schedule.”

“I can make time to run with you. Besides, it would be safer if you had someone to run with.”

He wasn’t getting the hint. Sometimes I wondered if he and Lydia were truly related. Mark was so different. “Truthfully, Mark. I like to run by myself. It clears my head.”

“That’s cool.” He looked down the path closer to his house. “I’ve got to go. Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes, thanks.” I gave him a half smile.

“Okay, don’t forget movie night. Lydia’s looking forward to it.” Somehow I had a feeling he was looking forward to it, too.

“You know I won’t.” He ran in the opposite direction. I liked Lydia’s brother, but the way he looked at me kind of unnerved me. It was like he wanted me—intimately.

I shook my head, wiping Mark from my brain, but unfortunately that brought Alex to the forefront. Damn it. I limped into the house, but no one heard me. I assumed they were all still out in the back, so I went to the upstairs bathroom. Looking in the cabinet under the sink, I couldn’t find the wrap for my ankle. I had no idea where Rob put it, so I had to shuffle back down the stairs to ask my mom. The moment I hit the backdoor, Alex’s eyes were trained on mine. I blushed looking away, but I could feel his presence. Fuck, he ruined me for anyone else—with just his concern.


It was almost dark when she came in sweating and limping. Her family was frantic with concern and invading her space, but as a stranger I had to stand back. I really wanted to knock them out of the way to take care of her. They laughed at me when I asked when she’d be back, but I was right; something bad had happened.

“What happened?” her mother asked.

“Some dumbass on a bike didn’t see me. I tried to get out of his way, twisting my ankle in the process.” She flushed with embarrassment when she noticed me standing there. Feelings of protectiveness washed over me the moment we made eye contact. I wanted to go find that dumbass and punch him in the mouth—accident or not.

“You sure it’s not broken?” I asked from the sidelines, wanting to take her to the hospital like they should be doing in my opinion.

“Yeah, it’s just swollen,” she answered, smiling back at me.

I gave her a little smile back, but grabbed my beer and headed to the kitchen to toss it, and get some air. We were in the backyard for fucks sake and I still felt like I couldn’t breathe. If she liked me even a fraction, I would be in a heap of trouble.

I slept in the guest bedroom down the hall from her, and it was the longest sleepless night ever. I was hard, but I refused to jerk off to her. Even though we weren’t that far apart in age, she was still a minor. I felt dirty for even thinking of it, but my cock didn’t care.




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C.M. Steele is a mother of three and a wife of one. Being a voracious reader of romance novels, she decided to create her own heroes to fall in love with. Although, the process was harder than she expected. There were times when she wanted to throw in the towel and go back to work in the business world, but it was the few readers that kept her going.

Now she’s living her dream of creating characters she loves and sharing them with other readers. She’s had moments of doubt and disappointment, but the voices in her head want their stories told, so she must go on. The voices are always naughty, bossy males. She knows they are never to be resisted so she must comply and tell their tales.





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