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Review: Higher Ground by Nan Lowe









516RYo9RdqL._UY250_Nearly a decade after leaving her tumultuous high school years and New Orleans behind, Dr. Violet Foster is thriving in Atlanta. She’s landed a job in the English Department of a prestigious school and shares a home—and her heart—with Wade Price, the love of her life. Everything’s going according to plan. Until a phone call from Violet’s younger brother thwarts her holiday plans and upends her carefully constructed life. She’s managed to avoid her hometown for years and dance around the secrets she left buried there. A wedding reception and an ailing grandmother beckon her return to The Big Easy, but as her departure nears, Violet is forced to reconcile the person she was with the woman she’s become. Even if it means losing everything she holds dear.





 “To Violet, the calm between my storms.”

Higher Ground

Kindle Loc. 143 of 4537

A simple, lovely inscription that carries such a punch to the gut. Much in the same way Nan Lowe’s novel, Higher Ground delivered a stunning gut punch complete with a side of heartache to this reader.

A wedding reception for a beloved sibling forces Dr. Violet Foster to leave her safe haven in Atlanta and return to her hometown of New Orleans. There, amid the lush fragrances and exotic spells that define New Orleans, Violet confronts the traumatic past that has haunted and shaped her life. Truths are revealed, regrets are laid to rest and life, for better or worse, continues.

Higher Ground is the first published offering of author Nan Lowe an it is an exceptional debut.

Told in chapters that move the action between present day and the past, Lowe weaves a story that has the reader hanging on every word, gasping at times through plot twists.  It speaks to the talent of this author that even anticipated turns carried an impact — recognition of what was foreshadowed did not lessen the shock.

The four principal characters, Violet, Wade, Oliver and Van, are all expertly crafted. The ancillary characters are equally solid (truly, Miss Verity deserves, at the very least, a novella of her own). The settings so descriptive that one can feel the sultry humidity of NOLA while inhaling the aroma of coffee and beignets at the Café Du Monde.

At its core, it is the inherent truths contained in Higher Ground that set it apart — life is often hard, love is rare and precious, and sometimes, there is no shelter from the storm.

Brava, Nan Lowe!



*ARC received from the author in exchange for an  honest review.*










B1U3988smfS._UX250_.jpgNan Lowe grew up in Memphis with barbeque and blues in her veins. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and is raising a son and daughter in a tiny town north of Graceland that has more cows than stoplights. Half farm girl and half city chick, she’s a little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll. Most days, you’ll find her reading, writing, plotting, or listening to Pearl Jam, usually with a dog or two on her lap.





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