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1001 Dark Nights Presents: Midnight Untamed by Lara Adrian


We are thrilled to bring you the Review & Excerpt Tour for MIDNIGHT UNTAMED by Lara Adrian, a novella in her Midnight Breed Series brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights. Grab your copy of this sexy novella today!






midnight-untamed-coverThe mission was supposed to be simple. Infiltrate an enemy’s stronghold outside Rome and eliminate its leader. For a Breed warrior as lethal as Ettore Selvaggio, AKA “Savage”, stealth assassinations are only one of his many cold-hearted specialties. But the last thing Savage expects to find behind enemy lines—in his target’s bed—is a woman he once adored.

It’s been years since Savage last saw beautiful Arabella Genova. Years he’s strived to banish to his past, along with the fierce desire he once felt toward Bella . . . and the irresistible calling of her blood that stirs in him even now, despite the fact that she belongs to another male.

But when fate throws Savage and Bella together again in a race for their lives, will his long-lost love prove to be the one woman he can’t live without, or the perfect weapon to destroy him?



Arabella knew better than to keep Massioni waiting. He’d sent her away to fetch her scrying bowl while he entertained his boot-licking cronies in the grand salon. They were gloating over a large payout from a shipment of Red Dragon to the States and the United Kingdom—a narcotic that destroyed the minds of their own kind, the Breed, creating blood-addicted monsters from just the smallest dose. They didn’t care that their sudden windfall came at the expense of both Breed and human lives. She had learned a long time ago that Vito Massioni’s greed knew no bounds.

Nor did his violence.

That her gift had helped him amass his growing fortune, and the power that came with it, made Arabella want to retch.

How often had she thought about giving him a false reading from her scrying bowl?

How many times had she dreaded that her visions would one day prove incorrect?

But she hadn’t deceived him, not once.

And, thankfully, her visions had never been wrong.

Either of those failings would come at the cost of innocent lives. Not her own, but the people she cared about most in the world. The only family she had left now.

It was those precious lives she held close in her heart as she walked over to the cabinet across the room and retrieved the hammered gold bowl she would need for her reading downstairs. In reality, her gift would awaken when she peered into any standing pool of liquid, but Massioni insisted she use the ridiculous carnival fortune-teller’s style bowl for dramatic effect whenever she performed a public reading.

Cradling the shallow bowl in her palms, she drew the empty vessel out of the cabinet. Her own face stared back at her in the reflection on the polished gold basin—but that wasn’t all.

Behind her stood the ominous shape of someone else.

A man.

Tall, immense.

An intruder dressed entirely in black tactical gear.

Bella sucked in a startled breath.

Fear streaked through her, but before her shriek could rip up the back of her throat, a broad palm came up to cover her mouth.

Oh, God.




What is not to love about a hot male vampire racing around in a Pagani?

Ettore Selvaggio (Savage) is a Breed — a vampire bred from the Ancient Sire. Needless to say, he’s hot, deadly, and, as most vamps are, brooding in his heart of hearts for his lost love, Arabella (Bella) Genova. It’s been ten years since they were parted, and during that time Savage has taken up with a group called The Order. The Order is the ruling entity of the vamps (they’re the good guys), based in Washington, D. C.

Savage finds himself outside Rome, in the middle of a covert operation to take down the Opus Nostrum (literally translated, Our Work) vampire terrorist organization. Opus Nostrum, headed by Vito Massioni, has been behind the distribution of a deadly street drug called Red Dragon, which, when ingested by vampires, turned them into base creatures — basically reverting the vamps back into bloodthirsty monsters.

About to detonate the explosion that will bring down the villa wherein Massioni and his cohorts are meeting, Savage recognizes a woman among  the terrorists —it’s his Bella. What is she doing there, and can he save her from the Opus Nostrum? Does she even want to be saved? You know this vampire wants answers, and he’s going to get them . . . .

Midnight Untamed by Lara Adrian is brought to us by the good people at 1001 Dark Nights, so it has to be quality material and it does not disappoint. A novella, Midnight Untamed is offering 17.5 in Adrian’s Midnight Breed vampire series, and it is a stand alone. This is the first Midnight Breed story I’ve read but it will not be my last — the plot line grabbed me right off the bat (pun intended) and the characters are memorable. I confess I love a good vampire story, fangs and all, and these vamps are written within true vampire mythology but with some interesting twists.

Savage and Bella’s storyline was predicable but it contained insanely hot vampire sex. (That alone sold me on this book.) As enjoyable as their story was, I found I was drawn even more to the promise of Scythe and Chiara’s story. Kudos to author Adrian for introducing characters into this plot without leaving the reader feel smothered in introductions.

This is a very quick but satisfying read. If you are a fan of vampire erotica, I recommend Lara Adrian’s Midnight Untamed — you will not be disappointed!



*ARC received from 1001 Dark Nights via Inkslinger in exchange for an  honest review.*







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lara-adrian-headshotLara Adrian is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 internationally bestselling author of the Midnight Breed vampire romance series and seven award-winning, historical romances, previously released under the pen name Tina St. John.

Lara’s Midnight Breed series is available in hardcover, mass market paperback and e-book through Random House, and in limited edition through Doubleday Book Club, Rhapsody Book Club, Book of The Month, and the Science Fiction Book Club. Unabridged audio editions are available through Tantor Media, Random House Audio, Amazon, iTunes, etc. Lara’s new releases regularly appear on all of the key bestseller lists including the New York TimesUSA TodayPublishers Weekly, Indiebound,, Barnes & Noble, etc. There are more than 2 million copies of the Midnight Breed novels in print in the United States.




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