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Review: Tripped Out by Lorelei James


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lorelei James, comes TRIPPED OUT, a new novella in her Blacktop Cowboys Series, brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights! Be sure to grab your copy today!





Where there’s smoke…


Stirling Gradsky abandoned the corporate rat race for a more laidback lifestyle. So it’s ironic she’s stuck working with a hard-bodied, know-it-all scientist who treats her like a stoner instead of a stone cold business woman capable of running a large scale cannabis operation. Dr. Hot and Tattooed with the big…brain needs to stop sampling their product; he’s under the half-baked idea that he’s the boss.

Dr. Liam Argent’s doctorate isn’t in chemistry, but from the moment he meets his sexy new coworker, there’s enough heat between them to short out all the lights in the grow house. First item on his agenda? Clearing up the sassy, blunt blonde’s hazy notion that she’s in charge.

Sparks fly as their attraction blazes. But can they weed out their differences without getting burned?





The first rule of being a prankster?

A killer poker face.

And StirlingGradsky had that down pat.

The second rule of being a prankster?

Learn your opponent’s weak spots.

Maybe Stirling didn’t have that rule down entirely. Her pranking prey, Dr. Liam Argent, remained as much a mystery now as he’d been when he’d waltzed into High Society ten months ago and declared himself emperor.

Okay, maybe not emperor, but he definitely acted like the laboratory was his private kingdom.

His appearance hadn’t been a surprise. Stirling’s brother Macon, her business partner in High Society—a cannabis operation that included a retail store, a medical dispensary, and an onsite grow house—had informed her that he’d hired a guy from California, a cannabis expert, to work in the lab.

After dealing in euphemisms regarding all things cannabis related, Stirling believed “the lab” was Macon’s shorthand for the grow house. She imagined the California dude to be an older version of the iconic stoner character Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Turned out she had been wrong on both accounts.

Macon had indeed meant he’d created a full-blown, state of the art laboratory, complete with a beefed up security system for their resident cannabis expert. And the “dude from California” turned out to be Dr. Liam Argent, stuffed shirt extraordinaire, with advanced degrees up the wazoo.

The man drove her crazy.


From day one he’d refused to tell her what he was working on in his fancy-ass lab. When she’d complained to Macon about Dr. Argent’s secretive manner, he’d instructed her to leave Dr. Argent alone.

Her brother may as well have waved a red flag in front of her.

She’d tried being friendly…to no avail.

She’d tried being bossy…to no avail.

She’d tried every “employee relations improvement” tactic she’d learned in her years in the corporate world…to no avail.

Hence her oh-so-mature decision to prank him until he cracked. She’d worked with men like him before. At least if you got them angry enough, they’d yell at you, which nine times out of ten led to an actual conversation.

Except Dr. Argent hadn’t shown the slightest chink in his armor. In fact, he’d joined in on her prankfest and one-upped her on occasion.

Which was why today’s prank ranked as one of the better ones he’d pulled on her.

It was also why Stirling was massively annoyed.





“But . . . you’ve always acted like I’m beneath you.”

“I’ve always wanted you beneath me.”


Stirling and Liam

Tripped Out

Kindle Loc. 1177 of 3045


(Pops open a can of Cannabis Cola . . . ) Gentle Readers: if you’re looking for a smart, snarky romantic read, full of delicious banter, look no further. Lorelei James has hit Colombian Gold with her latest Blacktop Cowboys novella, Tripped Out.

Although Dr. Liam Argent and Stirling Gradsky hail from very different backgrounds, they actually have quite a bit in common. They’re both smart, well-educated and have been seriously burned in the love department.

Liam has been hired by Stirling’s brother, Macon, to head up the research department of High Society, Macon’s pot growing operation in Colorado. Macon may own the company, but it’s his sister, Stirling, who runs the operation.

Liam and Stirling lock horns immediately, and the pranks the two pull on one another are brilliant, each more devious than the last one. As the pranking between these two escalates, so does the sexual tension and it’s only a matter of time before Dr. Dickhead and Miss Dreadlocks and Multiple Piercings are professing their love for each other through a cloud of High Society’s finest ganja gold.

Tripped Out is a well-written, fast-paced trip. The characters are likable, the dialogue smart, sassy and full of truly classic innuendo. Particularly pleasing to this reader was the angst-free burn between Liam and Stirling. From the start, these two know where they’re headed; it only makes their journey more satisfying.

If you’re a fan of author James’ Blacktop Cowboy series, or a devotee of the 1001 Dark Night Series, you’ve already taken a hit off this spectacular story. If you’re unfamiliar with Lorelei James, treat yourself to Tripped Out. Just make sure you have lots of munchies on hand . . .




*ARC courtesy of 1001 Dark Nights via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.*




Grab your copy of TRIPPED OUT today!

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Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary erotic western romances set in the modern day Wild West and also contemporary erotic romances. Lorelei’s books have been nominated for and won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s choice Award, as well as the CAPA Award. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota with her family…and a whole closet full of cow girl boots.

From Lorelei: “Why do I have a particular fondness for all things western? Well, I’m a fourth generation South Dakotan, living in the Black Hills, which is chock-full of interesting characters, including cowboys, Indians, ranchers, and bikers. The geographical diversity of the surrounding area showcases mountains, plains, and badlands. Living in and writing about rural settings gives me a unique perspective, especially since I’m not writing historical westerns. Through my fictional world, I can show the ideals and the cowboy way of life are still very much alive.”


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