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IMG_1816Hello and welcome. I’m a voracious reader and known to be free-spirited. If I happen to read a book, an article, any form of the written word that contributes some wisdom, or joy, or evokes passion in my life, it will be shared here – perhaps it may bring some wisdom, joy or evoke a passion within you.

Please Note: Currently, Vagabonda Reads is not able to accept ARCs from new authors. This is a short-term situation, and the blog will be open to accepting ARCs in the future.

Please note that Vagabonda Reads is no longer reviewing Young/New Adult material.

Thank you.

My reviews are written with great care, and ratings are derived by a process that includes many factors, some of which are:

  • A comparison of the writing to other writings of its genre – i.e. horror to horror, erotica to erotica, historical fiction to historical fiction, etc.
  • Character purpose and development — what is the purpose of this character and how well is the character crafted?
  • Plot development – while I will give any author his/her premise, I expect the story to make sense within the author’s premise.
  • The completion of the story – i.e., does the reader have to purchase an additional book to complete the story? Full disclosure here — absolute cliffies — those stories that simply sever the reader without any resolution, without any epilogue, I consider to be incomplete works and as such are not reviewable.
  • Ultimately, did this writing contribute to my life? Did it provide enjoyment? Knowledge? Comfort? Learning? Escapism? Was it worth my time?

If I am not able to give a review of at least three stars, it means I cannot recommend that work to my readers. In other words, all reviewed material on this blog will have a rating of at least three stars.

Finally, I have the utmost respect for those who bravely share their work with the world. It is my belief that, throughout time, it has been the written word that has most conveyed knowledge to mankind. So if and when I may criticize, it’s done with care and respect.

Thanks for stopping by.

Vagabonda Reads

Note: This blog is written for a mature audience. It is not intended for readers and/or viewers under the age of 18 years.  Promotional and published materials that do not contain a review by this blog should not be necessarily viewed as an endorsement of those materials.

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