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Blog & Excerpt Tour: Hooked on a Witch by Zoe Forward

 Today we have the blog tour for Hooked on a Witch by Zoe Forward! Grab your copy and be sure to follow the tour today!




Title: Hooked on a Witch

Author: Zoe Forward

Genre: Contemporary Romance


– ABOUT Hooked on a Witch


The witch hunter cannot fall for the witch…

Pleiades witch Shannon Randolph has been framed for a theft she didn’t do. She has one week to return a stolen relic to the god it belongs or she will be executed. What’s worse? Evil magic-wielding wackos are coming out of the woodwork after her to get it. But the biggest danger is Merck. This sexy, dangerous witch-hunter who understands all forms of magic might be her only hope. Enlisting his help may require she be a very naughty witch.

The moment Shannon strolls back into Jason Merck’s life he’s in trouble. There’s something about the witch he can’t resist, but he must. The witch hunter cannot date the witch.




She ran her finger along his bare chest, unable to resist touching. He halted, now chest-high in the water.

“You lost your shirt,” she mumbled. Oh, my God. You’re dying and losing your mind. She giggled.

“I did.” His body seemed to tremble when she traced the contours between his nipples.
“Why do we have this connection?” She needed answers before she died.

“I don’t know.”

“You sense it, too? This whatever it is?”
“I’d have to be dead not to,” he muttered.
Then she was wet. She bowed away from the stinging salt water. “Hurts.”

He didn’t acknowledge he’d heard as he continued into deeper water, now cradling her head above the water.

“I think I’m dying,” she announced.
“Not today, darlin’. Take a deep breath. We’re going under. Now.”

“No—” Her denial was lost by sudden emersion.
He pulled her far under. The water turned cold and dark. Had to be very deep. Now she’d die. Drowning hadn’t been a way she’d conceived of ending.

     Need air. Need air. Don’t breathe.

The stinging of the areas where she’d been hit by knives worsened until reaching a critical peak of holy hell that hurts. She thrashed. Must get free and out of the water. Make the pain stop. Oxygen…need oxygen.

More flailing, this time with kicks and hits didn’t break her free of his hold.

Suddenly, he broke the surface and held her head above water. “Breathe,” he ordered as he swam with her in his arms.
After a few gulped breaths, she realized the water didn’t sting her skin anymore. She also didn’t hurt.
“After this we’re almost even on life saving.” He didn’t look happy about it. He stood, now at a depth that had the water hitting him mid- chest.

“You tried to drown me.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Can we get out of the water, please?”
“Not yet.”








 Teaser #2




Award winning author, Zoe Forward is a hopeless romantic who can’t decide between paranormal and contemporary romance. So, she writes both. Her novels have won numerous awards including the Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence, Golden Quill, Carolyn Readers Choice Award, and the Booksellers’ Best Award.

When she’s not typing at her laptop, she’s tying on a karate belt for her son or cleaning up the newest pet mess from the menagerie that occupies her house. She’s a small animal veterinarian caring for a wide range of furry creatures, although there has been the occasional hermit crab.

She’s madly in love with her globe trotting conservation ecologist husband who plans to save all the big cats on the planet, and she’s happiest when he returns to their home




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Live! My Image of You by Melanie Moreland

Today we are sharing the release of MY IMAGE OF YOU by Melanie Moreland.  This is a contemporary romance title from Loveswept. Check out the links below to purchase it on all platforms.




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My Image of You by Melanie Moreland

Available Now!




A globe-trotting bad boy chases the one that got away in this addictive novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Contract.

My name is Adam Kincaid, and I’m the best at what I do. After losing my parents, I decided to follow in their footsteps, and now I’m the most daring freelance photographer in the world.

Maybe some think I’m a loner, but I don’t care. All that matters is the shot: braving danger and devastation in search of a single image with the power to tell someone’s story. But as good as I am, accidents happen—and thank god for that, because it’s what leads me to her. . . .

Alexandra Robbins. My nurse. My savior.

With her fiery red hair and crystal-clear blue eyes, the camera loves her . . . and I have to have her. We soon find that we’re perfect together. We just fit, physically and emotionally. And yet something isn’t right. Something from her past is haunting her, and no matter what I do to help her break free, I lose her.

Today is the day I try to win her back. Not only do I need an explanation, I need her in my bed once again. I don’t just want a damn picture—I want her. Because what we have is a love that never fades away. . . .

This sexy standalone novel has no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA—but Adam works hard to get it! Includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.




Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble  |  iBooks  |  Kobo  |  GooglePlay  |  BAM


Advance praise for My Image of You


My Image of You is a sweet, soulful romance. Beauty, heart and breathtaking passion all come together to deliver a brilliant read.”—Lauren Rowe, USA Today bestselling author of The Club Series

“Epic tale of soulmates fighting for their HEA. You will cheer for Adam and Alex, you will pray for their happy ending and you will allow their love story to consume you. A gripping and emotional story of two lovers whose broken halves make each other whole.”—E. S. Carter, author of the Love by Numbers series

“Melanie Moreland delivers an enchanting story that is also complex, surprising and deeply heartfelt. Five stars.”—Claudia Burgoa, author of Until I Fall

“I devoured this book in one satisfying sitting. Five stars!”—Suzanne Carroll, author of Over the Edge

“Simply put, My Image of You is a book that says so much, so beautifully, it’s near impossible not to be moved by it.” – B. Cranford, author of The Brightest Star.

“My Image Of You is such a heartfelt, captivating story. The characters – Adam and Ally – have such deep love that you feel as you read and the story keeps you glued to your Kindle. I found myself reading into the wee hours. My Image of You is another addicting and wonderful story by Moreland.” – SL Scott, author of Savior












New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of twenty-seven-plus years and their rescue cat Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys travelling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie delights in a good romance story with some bumps along the way, but is a true believer in happily ever after. When her head isn’t buried in a book, it is bent over a keyboard, furiously typing away as her characters dictate their creative storylines to her, often with a large glass of wine keeping her company.




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Now Available! The Client by Pamela DuMond

The Client Pamela DuMond Now Available FB

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The Client - release

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The CLIENT - book

___DUMOND-CLIENTebook copy A new steamy standalone Romantic Comedy from USA Today bestselling author Pamela DuMond.

Charlotte: I was an assistant at a Matchmaking Agency living on Insta-Ramen, hope, and dreams. How was it possible that I made a love match that resulted in the society marriage and decadent wedding reception of the year?

Joe: As heir to the Delacroix dynasty, I avoided society affairs like the plague. I hit the reception to drop off a bottle of Scotch. I didn’t plan on colliding with the sexy, pretty woman with the pouty lips. Certainly, didn’t intend to spill liquor all over her dress.

Charlotte: What kind of jerk spills Scotch all over… I glared up at the tuxedo-clad brick wall of a man holding the serving tray, and went weak in the knees. He was the most smoking hot waiter I’d ever seen.

Joe: I was an honorable man, always cleaned up my messes. But every press of the napkin against Charlotte’s gown filled my brain with filthy, dirty thoughts.

Charlotte: Hot Waiter was practically feeling me up in the middle of the ballroom. Worse? I was enjoying it. Hang on. Wait just one minute – he’s my new CLIENT? Fine, I’d work with the gorgeous jerk. But I didn’t care how hot he was – I would never. Ever. Sleep with him.

Joe: My grandmother hired Pouty Lips to be my Matchmaker? Oh yeah — I was totally going to sleep with Charlotte…


~~ A Second Chance Romance. ~~

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The CLIENT - teasers

Release day 1 _ September 21 The Client Pamela DuMond Teaser 2

Release day 2 _ September 19 The Client Pamela DuMond Teaser 5

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The CLIENT - giveaway

Click HERE to enter the Release Day Giveaway!

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The CLIENT - author

USA Today Bestselling author Pamela DuMond discovered Erin Brockovich’s true life story, thought it would make a great movie, and pitched it to ‘Hollywood.’

She loves writing Romantic Comedy, Historical Fantasy, and Cozy Mysteries.

Pamela’s also a chiropractor specializing in working with children as well as people living with chronic pain. She lives in So Cal with her two bossy, but super cute cats. Pam loves reading, working out, and lives for a good giggle. Stalk her on the usual sites, sign up for her infrequent newsletters, and follow her on Bookbub.

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Review: Tripped Out by Lorelei James


From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Lorelei James, comes TRIPPED OUT, a new novella in her Blacktop Cowboys Series, brought to you by 1,001 Dark Nights! Be sure to grab your copy today!





Where there’s smoke…


Stirling Gradsky abandoned the corporate rat race for a more laidback lifestyle. So it’s ironic she’s stuck working with a hard-bodied, know-it-all scientist who treats her like a stoner instead of a stone cold business woman capable of running a large scale cannabis operation. Dr. Hot and Tattooed with the big…brain needs to stop sampling their product; he’s under the half-baked idea that he’s the boss.

Dr. Liam Argent’s doctorate isn’t in chemistry, but from the moment he meets his sexy new coworker, there’s enough heat between them to short out all the lights in the grow house. First item on his agenda? Clearing up the sassy, blunt blonde’s hazy notion that she’s in charge.

Sparks fly as their attraction blazes. But can they weed out their differences without getting burned?





The first rule of being a prankster?

A killer poker face.

And StirlingGradsky had that down pat.

The second rule of being a prankster?

Learn your opponent’s weak spots.

Maybe Stirling didn’t have that rule down entirely. Her pranking prey, Dr. Liam Argent, remained as much a mystery now as he’d been when he’d waltzed into High Society ten months ago and declared himself emperor.

Okay, maybe not emperor, but he definitely acted like the laboratory was his private kingdom.

His appearance hadn’t been a surprise. Stirling’s brother Macon, her business partner in High Society—a cannabis operation that included a retail store, a medical dispensary, and an onsite grow house—had informed her that he’d hired a guy from California, a cannabis expert, to work in the lab.

After dealing in euphemisms regarding all things cannabis related, Stirling believed “the lab” was Macon’s shorthand for the grow house. She imagined the California dude to be an older version of the iconic stoner character Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Turned out she had been wrong on both accounts.

Macon had indeed meant he’d created a full-blown, state of the art laboratory, complete with a beefed up security system for their resident cannabis expert. And the “dude from California” turned out to be Dr. Liam Argent, stuffed shirt extraordinaire, with advanced degrees up the wazoo.

The man drove her crazy.


From day one he’d refused to tell her what he was working on in his fancy-ass lab. When she’d complained to Macon about Dr. Argent’s secretive manner, he’d instructed her to leave Dr. Argent alone.

Her brother may as well have waved a red flag in front of her.

She’d tried being friendly…to no avail.

She’d tried being bossy…to no avail.

She’d tried every “employee relations improvement” tactic she’d learned in her years in the corporate world…to no avail.

Hence her oh-so-mature decision to prank him until he cracked. She’d worked with men like him before. At least if you got them angry enough, they’d yell at you, which nine times out of ten led to an actual conversation.

Except Dr. Argent hadn’t shown the slightest chink in his armor. In fact, he’d joined in on her prankfest and one-upped her on occasion.

Which was why today’s prank ranked as one of the better ones he’d pulled on her.

It was also why Stirling was massively annoyed.





“But . . . you’ve always acted like I’m beneath you.”

“I’ve always wanted you beneath me.”


Stirling and Liam

Tripped Out

Kindle Loc. 1177 of 3045


(Pops open a can of Cannabis Cola . . . ) Gentle Readers: if you’re looking for a smart, snarky romantic read, full of delicious banter, look no further. Lorelei James has hit Colombian Gold with her latest Blacktop Cowboys novella, Tripped Out.

Although Dr. Liam Argent and Stirling Gradsky hail from very different backgrounds, they actually have quite a bit in common. They’re both smart, well-educated and have been seriously burned in the love department.

Liam has been hired by Stirling’s brother, Macon, to head up the research department of High Society, Macon’s pot growing operation in Colorado. Macon may own the company, but it’s his sister, Stirling, who runs the operation.

Liam and Stirling lock horns immediately, and the pranks the two pull on one another are brilliant, each more devious than the last one. As the pranking between these two escalates, so does the sexual tension and it’s only a matter of time before Dr. Dickhead and Miss Dreadlocks and Multiple Piercings are professing their love for each other through a cloud of High Society’s finest ganja gold.

Tripped Out is a well-written, fast-paced trip. The characters are likable, the dialogue smart, sassy and full of truly classic innuendo. Particularly pleasing to this reader was the angst-free burn between Liam and Stirling. From the start, these two know where they’re headed; it only makes their journey more satisfying.

If you’re a fan of author James’ Blacktop Cowboy series, or a devotee of the 1001 Dark Night Series, you’ve already taken a hit off this spectacular story. If you’re unfamiliar with Lorelei James, treat yourself to Tripped Out. Just make sure you have lots of munchies on hand . . .




*ARC courtesy of 1001 Dark Nights via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.*




Grab your copy of TRIPPED OUT today!

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | Amazon AU


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Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary erotic western romances set in the modern day Wild West and also contemporary erotic romances. Lorelei’s books have been nominated for and won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s choice Award, as well as the CAPA Award. Lorelei lives in western South Dakota with her family…and a whole closet full of cow girl boots.

From Lorelei: “Why do I have a particular fondness for all things western? Well, I’m a fourth generation South Dakotan, living in the Black Hills, which is chock-full of interesting characters, including cowboys, Indians, ranchers, and bikers. The geographical diversity of the surrounding area showcases mountains, plains, and badlands. Living in and writing about rural settings gives me a unique perspective, especially since I’m not writing historical westerns. Through my fictional world, I can show the ideals and the cowboy way of life are still very much alive.”


Website | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter Sign Up |TRIPPED OUT on Goodreads





Review: One Night by Aleatha Romig





A sweet, fun, and sexy stand-alone romance from New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

One night to remember

Is that too much to desire?

One night for fun, passion, and a chance to remember what it’s like to be a woman.
I’m not looking for love.
There’s a man in my life who loves me with all his heart. He has beautiful blue eyes, is three feet tall, and calls me mommy.
He’s my whole world and I’m his. Fate stole his daddy way too soon.
What would happen if I allowed fate another chance, just for one night?

One night to help a friend

Why did I agree to this?
Blind dates are disasters. If I weren’t helping the friend of a friend, I wouldn’t go.
I’m not looking for romance, love, or even a one-night stand.
After all, the man my friend knew is gone. I’m no longer the hockey star known for his “pep” on the ice and in the sack. I have a new life, and a new career—a new passion. I’m not looking for more.
When the blind date is a bust, could fate change everything?

One night doesn’t end with a kiss—it begins with one.

Be ready to laugh, cry, and fall head over heels as you meet Leatha, the lighter side of Aleatha in this new sweet and sexy stand-alone romance, ONE NIGHT.





When we finally pull apart, before I can speak or even contemplate what happened, Malcolm’s blue eyes shine down on me, taking me in and reading me.

His voice rumbles through the background commotion of the bar. “You taste like sweet wine and smell like perfume and desire.”

Warmth fills my cheeks. “You taste like good beer.”

“Good? You’re a beer connoisseur?”

I shrug. “Mostly, I know cheap beer.”

He lifts my chin, bringing his indigo eyes into focus. The room disappears, making those blue orbs all I can see.

“I’m a connoisseur,” he says as his thumb gently rubs over my bruised lips. “And you, beautiful Mandy, if you were a beer, would never be a cheap one. No, you’re a rich custom craft brew. I see it in your eyes, feel it in your touch, and smell it in the air. Kissing a stranger isn’t something you do, is it?”

I try to move my eyes away, but Malcolm’s grip of my chin is unrelenting. Meeting his gaze, I reply, “No. I won’t even bore you with how long it’s been since I’ve kissed a real man.”

His eyes sparkle. “You kiss fake men?”

“Boys. Well, only one actually.”

“You kiss boys…” And then, as if the reality of his statement hits home, he asks, “You have a son?”

My heart flutters, its speed increasing by the second. “I do, but I don’t want to talk about him. Not because he isn’t important for he is—he’s my world—but because tonight isn’t about him. It’s about me.” I can’t gauge Malcolm’s reaction. I can only guess that he’s assuming that I’m some needy woman trying to get a man to take on the responsibility of a kid who isn’t his.

I reach out and splay my fingers over his chest. His heart is beating to match mine. “I don’t want to talk about him,” I continue, “because he’ll never know about you—I’ll never tell him and never introduce you. Don’t worry. I’m not after a man to rescue me. I’m perfectly content with my life as a mother. I just wanted to remember what it felt like to be a woman…for just one night.”

“I’m not anti-children—”

I shake my head. “Stop. That doesn’t matter.” It’s then that I notice the filled glasses on the table and laugh. “When did the waitress come?”

Malcolm bows his head until our noses touch. He inhales deeply, his eyes closing as his hand falls to my lap. “I’d say just after you.”

More heat floods my cheeks. “I-I didn’t…”

“Then we need to do something about that.” He looks again at the full glasses. “I think the drinks came while my tongue was busy getting to know your sweet mouth.” His hand splays over my thigh.

My breathing hitches. “Malcolm?”

“You said you want one night. One night doesn’t end with a kiss. It begins with one.”




Malcolm (Pep) Peppernick, a former pro hockey player, has left the world of Zamboni machines and hook-ups. He’s chosen to take a different path in life, much to the pleasure of his friend and ex-teammate, Brian. Brian can’t wait to set him up with his girlfriend Sally’s best bud, Amanda (Mandy) Wells.

Mandy has been a widow for five years — her husband, Jackson, was killed by an IED. Her life’s purpose has been to raise their five-year old son, Jase. She’s had neither the heart nor time to think of another man. But Sally and Mandy’s family have taken the decision out of her hands; it’s time for Mandy to live again.

Mandy finally agrees to meet Brian and Sally’s mysterious friend, Pep. A date is arranged, a place is chosen, Mandy’s parents take Jase, for the night — everything is set. But there is a hitch. At the appointed hour, both Sally and Brian are no-shows. Mandy has no idea who she was supposed to meet — Sally gave her no description or name. Coincidentally, Malcolm finds himself in the same situation — he’s in the bar, too, without a name or description of his blind date.

Ah, but fate won’t be denied. Malcolm spies a beautiful brunette in need and he comes to her defense. Of course, it’s Mandy, but she doesn’t know her knight in shining armor is Pep, as he’s introduced himself as Malcolm. Same goes for Malcolm — he’s clueless that the gorgeous brunette is actually the blind date. You see where this is going . . .

Malcolm and Mandy decide to have one night of torrid, up-against-the-wall head-banging sex, no strings. Their chemistry sizzles, and a very reluctant Mandy is eventually won over by the ruggedly handsome Malcolm.

If this sounds a bit familiar, Aleatha Romig’s One Night is an expansion of a novella Malcolm – The Meeting by Jade Sinner (a collaboration between Aleatha Romig and Georgia Cates). Author Romig has taken Malcolm and Mandy’s torrid night, and crafted it into a full-length novel.

Told from alternating POV’s One Night fleshes out Mandy’s life as a widow, raising a son as a single mother, as well as Malcolm’s life after leaving professional sports. Both characters are very sympathetic. This is not an angsty novel. In fact, One Night is written under author Romig’s Letha. The Lighter Side of Aleatha selections. And it proves to be just that, light, fluffy, funny and sexy.

One Night is very well-written, as readers have come to expect from author Romig. If you’re looking to read a romance light on angst, but absolutely rocking on sexy times, I recommend Aleatha Romig’s One Night.



*ARC courtesy of author via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.*




Amazon US | Amazon UK | iBooks




aleatharomig1Aleatha Romig is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Indiana, USA. She grew up in Mishawaka, graduated from Indiana University, and is currently living south of Indianapolis. Aleatha has raised three children with her high school sweetheart and husband of nearly thirty years. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she’s not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time a with her family and friends. Her other pastimes include reading and creating heroes/anti-heroes who haunt your dreams!

Aleatha released her first novel, CONSEQUENCES, in August of 2011. CONSEQUENCES became a bestselling series with five novels and two companions released from 2011 through 2015. The compelling and epic story of Anthony and Claire Rawlings has graced more than half a million e-readers. Aleatha released the first of her series TALES FROM THE DARK SIDE, INSIDIOUS, in the fall of 2014. These stand alone thrillers continue Aleatha’s twisted style with an increase in heat.

In the fall of 2015, Aleatha moved head first into the world of dark romantic suspense with the release of BETRAYAL, the first of her five novel INFIDELITY series that has taken the reading world by storm. She also began her traditional publishing career with Thomas and Mercer. Her books INTO THE LIGHT and AWAY FROM THE DARK were published through this mystery/thriller publisher in 2016.

2017 brings Aleatha’s first “Leatha, the lighter side of Aleatha” with PLUS ONE, a fun, sexy romantic comedy.

Aleatha is a “Published Author’s Network” member of the Romance Writers of America and PEN America. She is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.






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Release Blitz and Review: Most Valuable Playboy by Lauren Blakely


From #1 NYT Bestselling author Lauren Blakely, comes the swoony and oh-so-romantic title…MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY.

In MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY, the NFL starting quarterback Cooper Armstrong needs his best friend’s sister to pretend to be his girlfriend. Violet is willing, but neither one expects their boyfriend-girlfriend scrimmage to turn into a full-contact sport so quickly. Find out if their fake play will become the real deal or if they can turn back the clock to when they were just friends in this sexy new standalone sports romance!




Hands down, my favorite thing in the world is to score. Touchdowns.

Don’t let the fact that I’m the leading pick in the Most Valuable Playboy charity auction fool you. These days, I’m only a player on the field. I’ve kept my pants zipped all season long — and it has been long — because nothing’s more important than leading my team to victory every week. Except maybe escaping from the team owner’s recently-widowed and handsy-as-hell sister who’s dead set on winning more than a date with me.

Enter Violet and a well-placed Hail Mary.

She’s my best friend’s sister with a smile as sweet as cherry pie and a mind that runs quicker than the 40-yard-dash. After Violet saves the day with the highest bid, I don’t even give her a two-minute warning before I kiss her in front of the whole crowd and then announce that she’s my girlfriend. Which would be fine except my agent tells me we have to keep up the act while he’s negotiating my contract.
Violet takes one for the team and pretends to be mine, but our boyfriend-girlfriend scrimmage quickly turns into a full contact sport, and I want it to go into overtime. The problem is — I’ve been riding the bench for years.

How can a guy like me, who finally has a chance to prove his worth on the field, convince the girl she’s most valuable to his heart?

MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY is a brand new standalone sports romance written in the guy’s POV!




The business suit woman raises a hand, offering forty-one hundred.

Maxine’s eyes laser in on me, and she slashes an arm through the air. “Five thousand dollars,” she says, jacking the price up by nine hundred and staking her claim. I shudder inside.

The guy’s eyes widen, and he holds up his hands. “I’m out.”

My stomach plummets when the business woman shakes her head.

“Going once?” Sierra asks, scanning the tables, looking for perhaps one last big spender. My eyes scan the crowd, too. Hell, maybe I’ll find an escape hatch. A trapdoor to drop into and disappear like in a magic act. Maybe Trent will learn to read my mind. Trent, I’ll cover you for anything you bid. Just raise that hand, name a price, and save me.

My best friend’s expression is merely curious now as he watches Maxine and Sierra, waiting for the verdict. My opportunity to play yard boy slips through my fingers.

The look in Maxine’s eyes is pure satisfaction as she waits for the final word. She winks at me, as if we have a secret. Holy shit. She thinks I want this. She thinks I want her to win me.

A flash of chestnut brown hair in the back catches my attention. A flurry of silver. It’s Violet, hands in the air, wildly flapping over her head in the middle of the ballroom. She brings her finger to her nose. And she’s tapping it, like fucking Santa Claus coming down the chimney, and Harlan tapping his nose to signal his agent, and all the greatest solutions in the universe at once.

My heart goes crazy.

It hammers in my chest. This is like finding an open receiver a second before you’re sacked.

“Going twice,” Sierra says, trailing off as she waits.

I raise my arm and tap my nose, too. Violet is the only one who knows I need to get out of this jam. She’s the only one I mentioned it to. And she’s the only one now who can save me.

“Ten thousand dollars.”

Holy shit. Violet does not mess around with my money. Her eyes widen, as if she’s surprised she bid that high.

My gaze finds Trent. He’s staring at his sister, slack-jawed.

Sierra’s smile is bright and wide. “Ten thousand dollars. Do we have ten thousand, one hundred?”

The room is hushed. Maxine’s expression is blank. She must be shocked. She probably didn’t expect anyone to vie with her to this extent.

I tap my foot, willing Sierra to close this quickly. Just slam the door shut, please, fucking please.

“Going one. Going twice.”

I say a silent prayer. I cross my fingers. I hope.

Maxine blinks, opens her mouth, and I steel myself for a disgustingly high counter bid.

But there’s only silence. No words come. Violet has shocked her speechless. This type of bid wasn’t in Maxine’s playbook.

Sierra raises her arm. “And a night with the quarterback is sold for ten thousand dollars.”

Talk about a Hail Mary.




“Maxine is trying to fondle the fruit?”

I laugh. “Yeah. Seems she wants to unpeel my banana.”

He scrubs his hand over his whole face. “I’m not happy about this.”

“No kidding. The banana isn’t hers.”

Cooper Armstrong
Most Valuable Playboy
Kindle Loc. 944 of 3375


Fruit lovin’ Maxine is the sister to the owner of the NFL’s San Francisco Renegades, and she’s got her eye on quarterback Cooper Armstrong. When the team’s annual bachelor auction for charity rolls around, Maxine makes it know she plans to win the chance to, um,  peel Cooper’s, er, banana. A desperate Cooper enlists the aid of the lovely Violet, younger sister of his lifelong BFF, Trent. Together they concoct a fauxmance that has Violet winning Cooper in the charity auction. Problem is, their fauxmance is so well received, Violet and Cooper are forced to carry the charade on a bit longer than planned. As Cooper and Violet canoodle for the cameras and crowds, long held feelings surface for both of them, and the truth in their hearts is revealed.


Lauren Blakely’s Most Valuable Playboy is the kick-off to the sports romance season and it’s a winner! Author Blakely has mastered the male POV in romance writing, so it’s no surprise that is a treat to hear Cooper Armstrong’s inner dialogue. Violet Pierson is an absolute delight and heartbreaker as the girl who gets the guy she’s cherished since first grade. While the friend-to-lover trope, along with the hands-off-my-little-sis trope have been well used, in the hands of Lauren Blakely these themes sparkle anew. The secondary characters are well-written, and the story flows. When Violet and Cooper finally get down to the nitty-gritty, the celebration in the end-zone will have every reader cheering.

Score a big victory for Most Valuable Playboy.




*ARC courtesy of author via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.*



 Amazon ✦ Amazon UK ✦ Audible ✦ Audio on Amazon

iBooks ✦ Barnes & Noble ✦ Kobo ✦ Amazon PB ✦ Google Play 





10% of the proceeds from the release day sales along with a portion of pre-orders across all retailers of MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY will be given to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and Houston Humane Society to help those in need from the natural disaster.





✦The audiobook is narrated by Zachary Webber! Grab your copy today!





“Lauren Blakely is a master at writing sexy, engaging stories that draw you in and make you fall in love with her characters. A definite go-to author for me!”
NYT Bestselling Author Melanie Moreland


“Lauren Blakely never ceases to amaze me with her sense of humor, her talent to write fabulous heroes and heroines and to pull an A game with a male POV. Most Valuable Playboy is a real treasure.
Becca at Little Read Reading Hood




“The slow burn, the teasing, the kisses, OH THE KISSES!!! MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY exceeded all of my expectations. Lauren Blakely has a knack for making a reader fall for her characters.”
Jess at Jo and Isa Love Books Blog


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Lauren’s Most Valuable Playboy Team Spirit Prize Package Giveaway! This bundle is valued at $450 and includes a Coach Handbag ($300 value) and $150 Stub Hub Gift Card to use for tickets to the game, your favorite concert, or theater performance.




A #1 New York Times Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that’s hot, sweet and sexy. She lives in California with her family and has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than eighty times, and she’s sold more than 2 million books. In September she’ll release MOST VALUABLE PLAYBOY, a standalone sports romance. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!


Website ** Facebook ** Twitter ** Newsletter ** Goodreads


1001 Dark Nights Bundle Eleven!


We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the Release Day Launch for 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Eleven, brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights. Introducing Discovery Authors Meghan March and Jessica Scott, the Bundle contains 6 novellas, including novellas from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Kristen Proby, Elisabeth Naughton, Laura Kaye, and Donna Grant! Grab your copy of this incredible bundle today!



About 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Eleven:

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Kristen Proby, Elisabeth Naughton, Laura Kaye, Donna Grant, and introducing Meghan March and Jessica Scott.

Six Dark Tales. Six Sensual Stories. Six Page Turners.


EASY FOR KEEPS: A Boudreaux Novella by Kristen Proby

Adam Spencer loves women. He’s comfortable with his lifestyle and sees no reason to change it. Sarah Cox has just moved to New Orleans, having accepted a position as a social worker. It’s a demanding, sometimes dangerous job, but Sarah can handle just about anything that comes at her, even the attentions of one sexy Adam Spencer. But the more time she spends with the enchanting man, the more he begins to sway her into believing in forever.




Adam Spencer is co-owner of The Odyssey, a bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  Handsome, and a genuinely nice (and horny) guy, Adam is a confirmed bachelor. Although he loves the ladies and they love him back, Adam has never had the urge to marry and have a family. That is until he has an encounter with a little lady named Hailey.

Hailey is the five-year old daughter of Sarah Cox. The widow of a Miami police officer, Sarah has moved to the Big Easy looking for a new start for both Hailey and herself.  It’s been three and a half years since her husband, Kurt, was gunned down in the line of duty.  Sarah has finally accepted that life moves on, and she should, too.

Fate steps in and Sarah and Adam meet when Hailey gets lost in a grocery store.  It’s Adam who finds the little girl and returns Hailey to her frantic mother, Sarah.

Sarah is initially leery of Adam’s kindness towards her — she’s all too aware that danger comes in many guises. As a social worker assigned to protective services aiding batter women, Sarah is ever vigilant. But once outside the grocery store, Sarah discovers her car won’t start and she’s forced to rely on the kindness of Adam.

While her car battery may be dead, Sarah finds she isn’t anymore. Delighted, Adam is more than willing to give the lovely Sarah’s equipment a boost wherever and whenever she needs it. Some seriously sexy sparks fly between these two and it isn’t long before both Adam and Sarah are overheating in unison.

Sarah’s social work keeps her in the line of danger and after a particularly close call, both Adam and Sarah recognize that what they have together, with Hailey, is a bright future.

Kristen Proby’s Easy for Keeps is Book 4.5 of her highly successful Boudreaux Series and the ninth novella of the 1001 Dark Nights Collection Three.

A well-written novella with great character development, Easy for Keeps is more than just a short steamy read. The subplot concerning spousal abuse is both horrific and informative, clearly timely, and not to be taken lightly. That author Proby has capably incorporated such serious subject matter into a short tale that’s meant to titillate rather than educate exemplifies her talent as a writer. Well done, Kristen Proby, well done.


*ARC received from 1001 Dark Nights via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.

Review originally posted May 24, 2016



UNCHAINED: An Eternal Guardians Novella by Elisabeth Naughton

For thousands of years, Prometheus’s only certainty was his daily torture at Zeus’s hand. Now, unchained by the Eternal Guardians, he spends his days in solitude, trying to forget the past. He’s vowed no allegiance in the war between mortal and immortal, but when a beautiful maiden seeks him out and begs for his help, he’s once again powerless to say no. Soon, Prometheus is drawn into the very conflict he swore to avoid.




Prometheus is playing with fire — again.

(A little backstory: Prometheus, a Titan, angered the God Zeus by giving the gift of fire to mankind.  The infuriated and vengeful Zeus had Prometheus chained to a large boulder, where, for eternity, the Titan’s liver (yes, that’s liver, not lover) was to be eaten daily by an eagle. As an immortal, Prometheus was doomed to regenerate any injury to his body, so by night he would heal, by day he would be devoured anew. Prometheus escaped this damnation when he was rescued by the Argonauts.)

Present day —

Prometheus lives a life of solitude in a castle high on Mt. Parnithia — a castle once belonging to a dark sorcerer. When Prometheus begins to hear a beguiling feminine voice calling out to him, he thinks it to be a hallucination or perhaps the remnants of some dark magic left over from the former tenant.

Unable to resist the call of the female, Prometheus soon comes to realize that the voice is real, and its owner has a power over him that he cannot and does not want to resist. He seeks out the source of that siren’s call and discovers it belongs to a beautiful witch who calls herself Keia. Prometheus is immediately taken with the sorceress and his feelings for her reawaken the life force in him.

Keia is actually Circe, the most powerful witch in the cosmos, and Circe has an agenda. Like Prometheus, Circe has angered Zeus and her punishment is imprisonment in a cave on Mt. Olympus. Zeus, being Zeus, is not a “forgive and forget” type of God — everything has its price.  In Circe’s case, Zeus demands that in exchange for her freedom, Circe has to discover the location of the fourth and final element needed to complete the all-powerful Orb of Kronós. With the intact Orb of Kronós, Zeus will reign eternally over all realms and worlds. There exists only one person who knows exactly where that fourth element resides — Prometheus.

Circe sets about casting her spells to seduce the half-mad Prometheus, but soon realizes that Prometheus has cast the spell of love upon her. The attraction between Prometheus and Circe ignites into a consuming flame. Passionate embraces in an enchanted location, a capture, and more grotesque torture finally lead the lovers to a final confrontation on Mt. Olympus with the crazed Zeus. Back out come the chains, but for whom?

Unchained by Elisabeth Naughton is the latest offering in the 1001 Dark Night Series. A stand alone novella in Naughton’s successful Eternal Guardians Series, Unchained is an urgent, sensual love story filled with all the captivating fantasy and magic that could only arise from the ancient mythologies.  Author Naughton weaves her story, set in present time, around characters that grab the reader instantly. Prometheus, Circe and Zeus are so well written — a novella doesn’t seem to do them justice. Perhaps Circe will continue her whispering into the author’s ear . . . .



*ARC received from 1001 Dark Nights via InkslingerPR in exchange for an honest review.

Review originally posted June 16, 2016



HARD TO SERVE: A Hard Ink Novella by Laura Kaye

When Internal Affairs investigates Detective Kyler Vance as part of the new police commissioner’s bid to oust corruption, everything is on the line. Mia Breslin’s career is golden. Now if only she could find a man to dominate her nights and set her body—and her heart—on fire. When a scorching scene with a hard-bodied, brooding Dom at Blasphemy promises just that, Mia is lured to serve Kyler again and again.




Author Laura Kaye continues her Valentine to the heroes and heroines of Baltimore in her latest offering, Hard to Serve. In a seamless segue from her Hard Ink Series, she sets the scene for her new BDSM series, Blasphemy. Be ready to be grabbed by the throat . . . .

Detective Kyler Vance is restless and edgy. He’s been on desk assignment for weeks since suffering an injury during the gang war that took the life of his godfather. He needs relief, and soon. As one of the owners of the exclusive BDSM club Blasphemy, Kyler (or as he’s known at Blasphemy, Master Kyler) heads out to check in on the action at the club.

Enter Mia Breslin.  New to Baltimore, Mia, a submissive, is in the throes of opening her first art gallery. Prior to her move to Charm City, Mia did some research into Baltimore’s BDSM scene and now holds a probationary membership in Blasphemy. The stress from work leads her out to seek some relief at the club.

Kyler spots Mia on a security monitor at the club, and is immediately taken with her — call it Alpha male insta-lust. When the two finally make contact, the chemistry is hot and palpable. (Author Kaye’s keyboard must have melted when she wrote the scenes between these two — the action between these characters is absolutely scorching.)

While Kyler and Mia play at Blasphemy, life outside of the club continues to be complicated. When their paths inevitably cross in real life, both Mia and Kyler are forced to confront the truths about themselves and their feelings for one another.

Hard to Serve is a stand alone novella, and the newest release in the 1001 Dark NightsSeries. It is the introductory story in Laura Kaye’s Blasphemy Series which will explore relationships within the BDSM community.  As such, Hard to Serve comes with a caution, as it contains themes that include breath play, as well as forced consent.

Very well written, the story focuses on the relationship between Kyler and Mia, and the scenes between the two at Blasphemy are very graphic, hard core and certainly fall under the heading of erotica. All of the characters, protagonists and ancillary, are well written. Familiar faces from the Hard Ink Series make cameo appearances but are not a distraction to the major plot.

One does not have to have read any of the Hard Ink Series to enjoy Hard to Serve and while there were instances where this reader had her heart in her throat, Hard to Serve also has this reader waiting with bated breath for more Blasphemy.



*ARC received from 1001 Dark Nights and the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Review originally posted July 2, 2016


DRAGON FEVER: A Dark Kings Novella by Donna Grant

Rachel Marek intends to expose the truth about dragons to the world – and her target is within sight. Nothing matters but getting the truth, especially not the ruggedly handsome, roguishly thrilling Highlander who oozes danger and charm. Asher is more than just a man. He’s a Dragon King – a being who has roamed this planet since the beginning of time. With everything on the line, Asher must choose to trust an enemy in the form of an all too alluring woman whose tenacity and passion captivate him.




“This was their planet. From the dawn of time dragons have roamed this world, ruling all. They could’ve easily killed the humans when they appeared, but they hadn’t. The Kings made room for them.”

Dragon Fever

Kindle Loc. 373 of 2125

Dragon King Asher longs for his home, Dreagan, nested in the Scottish Highlands. Reluctantly, he finds himself in Paris attending the World Whiskey Consortium, representing Dreagan Industries. Dreagan Industries distills the finest Scottish whiskey (yes, whiskey) known to man.

Rachel Marek has made her name in investigative journalism.  When presented video evidence possibly exposing the existence of dragons on planet Earth, Rachel jumps at the chance to break this story to the public.  Knowing that there will be a representative from Dreagan Industries at the Consortium, Rachel heads to Paris.  Once there, Rachel goes undercover as Rae in hopes of collecting evidence supporting the video. Her plan is to seduce Asher.

Rachel is a pretty cool customer,  Confident of her skills as a reporter and as a woman, very little rocks Rachel’s boat — that is until she encounters Asher in the flesh.  Dragon King Asher is a glorious specimen to behold — dark haired, green-eyed, complete with a devastating burr — he’s irresistible.

Neither Asher nor Rachel can deny the combustion they feel for the other, and this leads to some very fevered, scorching times between the two. But the path of true love and soul mates between the mortal and immortal is never easy, and such is the case between Asher and Rachel.

So what’s it like getting it on with a dragon? Hot — verra, verra, hot!

Dragon Fever is the latest offering from the folks at 1001 Dark Nights, and book 9.5 in Donna Grant’s deliciously hot Dark Kings SeriesDragon Fever is a stand alone novella, and you do not have to be familiar with the series to enjoy this tasty tidbit. There is a little cliffie concerning the overall plot of the Dark King Series, but story featured in Dragon Fever is complete.

A confession: this reader was a bit skeptical concerning dragon/human erotica, but can now report that she happily popped that cherry while reading this book. If you’re a lover of paranormal/fantasy erotica, enter the realm of Dragon Fever. You won’t be disappointed.



*ARC received from 1001 Dark Nights and the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Originally reviewed July 2, 2016




The only permanent thing in my life is the ink I put on my clients.
I drift from city to city, in and out of beds, from one tattoo shop to the next.
Every time I start to put down roots, I rip them up.
Until New Orleans.
Until her.
She’s everything I’m not.
Full of fire and life. An innocent where I’m a sinner.
I want to consume her. Protect her. Keep her.
But first, I have to escape from beneath these shadows.


BEFORE I FALL: A Falling Novel by Jessica Scott

Beth Lamont knows too much about the harsh realities of life. She’ll do whatever it takes to take care of her father, even if that means tutoring a guy like Noah. Noah Warren doesn’t know how to be a student. All he knows is war. But he’s going to college now to fulfill a promise and he doesn’t break his promises. Except he doesn’t count on his tutor being drop dead gorgeous.


Every Dark Nights tale is breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic.


Experience the 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Eleven Here…



Grab your copy today!

Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon CAN | Amazon AU





About the 1001 Dark Nights: Bundle Eleven Authors-


Kristen Proby was born and raised in a small resort town in her beloved Montana. In her mid-twenties, she decided to stretch her wings and move to the Pacific Northwest, where she made her home for more than a dozen years.

During that time, Kristen wrote many romance novels and joined organizations such as RWA and other small writing groups. She spent countless hours in workshops, and more mornings than she can count up before the dawn so she could write before going to work. She submitted many manuscripts to agents and editors alike, but was always told no. In the summer of 2012, the self-publishing scene was new and thriving, and Kristen had one goal: to publish just one book. It was something she longed to cross off of her bucket list.

Not only did she publish one book, she’s since published close to thirty titles, many of which have hit the USA Today, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestsellers lists. She continues to self publish, best known for her With Me In Seattle and Boudreaux series, and is also proud to work with William Morrow, a division of HarperCollins, with the Fusion Series.

Kristen and her husband, John, make their home in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana with their two pugs and two cats.

Website * Facebook * Twitter



Elisabeth Naughton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. From Elisabeth: “I was never one of those people who knew they wanted to be an author at the age of six. I didn’t have imaginary friends. I didn’t write stories in my journal or entertain my relatives by firelight after Thanksgiving dinner. For the most part, I was just a normal, everyday kid. I liked to read, but I wasn’t exceptional at it. And when my teachers complimented me on my writing abilities, I brushed them off. I did, however, always have a penchant for the unique and absurd. And as my mother told me all throughout my childhood, I should have been an actress—I was a drama queen before my time.

“Years ago, my husband bought me Scarlett: The Sequel to Gone With The Wind. If you ever saw the book, you know it’s a long one. I sat and read that thing from cover to cover, and dreamed of one day being a writer. But I didn’t actually try my hand at writing until years later when I quit my teaching job to stay home with my kids. And my husband? After that week of reading where I neglected him and everything else until I finished Scarlett, he vowed never to buy me another book again. Little did he know I’d one day end up sitting at a keyboard all day drafting my own stories.

“My writing journey has not been easy. I didn’t just sit down one day, decide I was going to write a book and voila! sell my very first attempt. As most authors will probably agree, the path to publication is filled with hours of work, pulling all-nighters I thought I’d given up in college, sacrifices, rejections, but a love I discovered along the way I just can’t live without. Instead of a big, thick book to read by lamplight (I do read much smaller ones when I get the chance), I’ve traded in my reading obsession for a laptop. And I’ve never been happier.

“I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a wonderful family and fabulous husband who put up with my writing—and obsessive personality—even when life is chaotic. More than once my kids have been late to swimming or baseball because I needed just five more minutes to finish a scene. Their support and encouragement mean the world to me. I also have amazing friends and a support network I couldn’t survive without. So to all of you out there who have encouraged me along the way, sent me emails and fan letters, phone calls and congratulations, I just want to say, thank you. You make this whole writing gig that much more enjoyable. I truly wouldn’t be here without you.”

Website * Facebook Twitter



Laura Kaye is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in contemporary and erotic romance and romantic suspense, including the Blasphemy, Hard Ink, and Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. Laura also writes historical fiction as the NYT bestselling author, Laura Kamoie. She lives in Maryland with her husband and two daughters, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.


WebsiteFacebook Twitter



Donna Grant is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the sizzling Dark King series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

She was born and raised in Texas but loves to travel. Her adventures have taken her throughout the United States as well as to Jamaica, Mexico, and Scotland. Growing up on the Texas/Louisiana border, Donna’s Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding.

Despite deadlines and voracious reading, Donna still manages to keep up with her two children, four cats, and one long haired Chihuahua.

Website Facebook Twitter



Jessica Scott is the USA Today bestselling author of novels set in the heart of America’s Army. She is an active duty army officer, a veteran of the Iraq war, is the mother of two daughters, far too many animals, and wife to a retired NCO.

She has written for the New York Times At War blog, War on the Rocks, PBS Point of View Women and War and has been featured in Esquire Magazine as an American of the Year in 2012. She has compiled two nonfiction projects about her time in Iraq and the return home.

She has recently completed a PhD in sociology from Duke University and also holds a a Master’s Degree in Sociology from Duke University, a Masters Degree in Telecom Management from University of Maryland University College, BA in Cultural Studies from State University of New York and an Associates Degree from Central Texas College.

She’s been featured as one of Esquire Magazine’s Americans of the Year for 2012. Learn More at

Website * Facebook * Twitter



A USA Today bestselling author of over fifteen novels, Meghan March has been known to wear camo face paint and tromp around in woods wearing mud-covered boots, all while sporting a perfect manicure. She’s also impulsive, easily entertained, and absolutely unapologetic about the fact that she loves to read and write smut. Her past lives include slinging auto parts, selling lingerie, making custom jewelry, and practicing corporate law. Writing books about dirty talking alpha males and the strong, sassy women who bring them to their knees is by far the most fabulous job she’s ever had.

Website * Facebook * Twitter






Cover Reveal: The Next Generation by S. C. Stephens

We are so excited to be sharing the cover for S.C. Stephens’s THE NEXT GENERATION which is book 4 in the Conversion series! Be sure to pre-order your copy today!




Fitting in can be hard for anyone. But for Julian and Nika Adams, it’s especially challenging. Born as partial vampires, a rare offshoot of pureblood vampires, the twins have had to deceive people their entire lives—distancing themselves from their peers.

Nika desperately wants a hero, a soulmate, someone she can trust with every fibre of her soul—someone as amazing as her father. The boys at her high school aren’t impressing, but luckily for Nika, Hunter Evans has moved into the neighborhood.

Julian desperately wishes he could sever the empathic bond he has with his sister. While it was fun to experience each other’s emotions when they were kids, now that Julian finds himself pining for a girl he can’t have, sharing his feelings is the last thing he wants to do.




Amazon / iBooks / Kobo








S.C. Stephens is a bestselling author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance.

Her debut novel, Thoughtless, an angst-filled love triangle charged with insurmountable passion and the unforgettable Kellan Kyle, took the literary world by storm. Amazed and surprised by the response to the release of Thoughtless in 2009, more stories were quick to follow. Stephens has been writing nonstop ever since.

In addition to writing, Stephens enjoys spending lazy afternoons in the sun reading fabulous novels, loading up her iPod with writer’s block reducing music, heading out the movies and spending quality time with her friends and family. She currently resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her two equally beautiful children.


– Connect with S.C. Stephens –


Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Goodreads


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Release Day Blitz: Lexi Blake’s Love Another Day






A man born to protect

After a major loss, Brody Carter found a home with the London office of McKay-Taggart. A former soldier, he believes his job is to take the bullets and follow orders. He’s happy to take on the job of protecting Dr. Stephanie Gibson while the team uses her clinic in Sierra Leone to bring down an international criminal. What he never expected was that the young doctor would prove to be the woman of his dreams. She’s beautiful, smart, and reckless. Over and over he watches her risk her life to save others. One night of pure passion leads him to realize that he can’t risk his heart again. When the mission ends, Brody walks away, unwilling to lose another person he loves.

A woman driven to heal

Stephanie’s tragic past taught her to live for today. Everything she’s done in the last fifteen years has been to make up for her mistakes. Offering medical care in war-torn regions gives her the purpose she needs to carry on. When she meets her gorgeous Aussie protector, she knows she’s in too deep, but nothing can stop her from falling head over heels in love. But after one amazing night together, Brody walks away and never looks back. Stephanie is left behind…but not alone.

A secret that will change both their lives

A year later, Stephanie runs afoul of an evil mercenary who vows to kill her for failing to save his son. She runs to the only people she trusts, Liam and Avery O’Donnell. She hasn’t come alone and her secret will bring her former lover across the world to protect her. From Liberia to Dallas to Australia’s outback, Brody will do whatever it takes to protect Stephanie from the man who wants to kill her, but it might be her own personal demons that could destroy them both.




Amazon | iBooks | GooglePlay  | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords





NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog int eh world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.






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Available Now! Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward



From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Look up Landon Roderick, that boy from childhood whom I’d never been able to forget—even though he so easily forgot about me—and call him. 

Then again, anything sounds like a good idea when you’ve had a little too much wine before bed, right? It was supposed to be just a quick, meaningless, prank call. Instead, I went off on him—unloading thirteen years of pent-up emotions.

I didn’t think he’d call me back.

I certainly could never have anticipated the weeks of sexually tense phone conversations that followed as I got to know the man he’d become.

Turned out, Landon had never really forgotten me, either. That special connection we had was still there. I opened up to him, but there were also things about me he didn’t know. And he had his own secrets.

Over the countless hours we talked on the phone, I wondered what would happen if we actually saw each other. One night, I did something impulsive again. Only this time, I went to the airport and booked a ticket to California. We were about to find out if one phone call could bring two lost souls together or if my drunk dial really was all just a big mistake.

A complete STANDALONE.





Audio | iBooks  | Nook | Kobo | Amazon Paperback 







Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author of thirteen novels. With over a million books sold, her titles have placed on the New York Times Bestseller list sixteen times. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 12-year-old girl with autism (the inspiration for the character Callie in Gemini) and a 10-year-old boy. Penelope, her husband, and kids reside in Rhode Island.




Facebook Fan Group | Facebook | Website |Twitter | Instagram



Other standalones from PENELOPE WARD:

Mack Daddy:





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Mister Moneybags: (co-written with Vi Keeland)





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Stuck-Up Suit: (co-written with Vi Keeland)





Cocky Bastard: (co-written with Vi Keeland)





Sins of Sevin:





Jake Undone (Jake #1):





Jake Understood (Jake #2):





My Skylar










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