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Review: Fall into Place by Alexa Riley

Fall Into Place


Alexa Riley



Story 1: Mary & AnthonyIMG_2655

Mary has belonged to Anthony since the day she was born. They’ve known each other their whole lives, but he won’t touch her until she says, ‘I Do.’

Their parents’ story should have been a cautionary tale, but when Mary finally agrees to Anthony’s proposal, they run away to Vegas to tie the knot.

But what do they do when things don’t go according to plan and they find themselves caught between a Russian sniper and his runaway daughter?

Easy! Lock themselves in a hotel room and pop some cherries!

Story 2: Samuel & Nika

Samuel’s twin sister, Mary, is off to Vegas to marry his best friend, Anthony. Samuel’s heading to Sin City with them to give her away, but trouble in the form of a sneaky brunette stops him dead in his tracks.

Nika’s on the run, and she’s found herself backed into a corner. But she’s been trained on how to defend herself, especially against a big beast like Samuel.

From the first look, he was finished and had no intention of ever letting her go.

You begged for the story of Mary and Anthony, and here it is! The final chapter in the Taking the Fall series closes with two short stories on the children of Carter, Layla, Saint, and Jeanette.

Warning: These stories are just as fierce, just as strong, and just as steamy as the rest of the series. These novellas can be read as standalones but will be enjoyed even more after reading the Taking the Fall series.



Chapter 1  

“Please, Tony, I’ve been patient. I can’t wait anymore,” I beg, trying to pull him closer to me, wanting his warmth against mine. How can we live together and not have sex? He’s going to drive me insane at this rate. He’s got the iron will of a monk. We’ve done everything physical, but Tony has yet to take me fully, no matter how hard I try or beg.

“I told you, princess. When you agree to be my wife I’ll give you the real thing.” He repeats the same line to me I’ve
heard thousands of times now. A normal girl’s ego would’ve been crushed by now with all the things I’ve been doing
to get him to finally sink deep inside me. If it wasn’t for the fact the he dotes on me every second of every day and has a jealous streak a mile wide I might have become self-conscious by now.

He’s slides against my folds, teasing me, and I know what he’s doing. This is what we do every time we have moreFIP_Teaser3.jpg than thirty seconds alone. He pulls his cock out, and I pull my panties to the side and we mimic fucking. He won’t take my virginity, our virginities, until I agree to be his wife. Damn, if he isn’t tempting my control to crack.

“Tony, it’s my birthday, please,” I whine, but he just shoots me a smirk.

“You forget it’s my birthday, too, princess.” We both turned twenty-one today. I smile back at him, and he keeps sliding against me. I want to cum so bad, and I’m so freaking close, but I know he’s going to win this one. He won’t
give in. I can see it in his eyes; he’s sick of waiting and so am I. I’ve been Tony’s since the day I entered this world, and he wants everyone to know it. I don’t blame him because I want everyone to know he’s mine, too.

“I told you I would three years ago!” I huff out, giving him a pout that normally works. But he seems to be holding strong.

“But you wouldn’t let me tell your dad, so it didn’t count. I want you to agree to be my wife, wear my ring, and tell the world. I’m not keeping it secret. I’m not ashamed of you or of us, or afraid of what your parents will think.”

I moan, and I try to grind down harder on him. “I’m not ashamed, I just don’t want my dad thinking we have sex. Can you imagine!?” I throw back at him. I’m my father’s only daughter, and I know he’s going to lose his shit when he finds out how deep Tony and I are really into each other. He lost it when he found out we were going off to the same college together in Denver. Even talked my twin brother, Samuel, into going, too, so he has “eyes” on me. If only he knew Samuel was Team Mary and Anthony.

Hell, Anthony and Samuel are best friends. They own a bail bonds business together. Anthony uses his hacking skills to find them, and Samuel uses his giant muscles to bring them in—traits they inherited from their respective fathers.

He stops his movements and looks down at me with his big blue eyes, which I know he got from his mama, Jeanette.

“Do you love me, princess?” He’s going in for the kill. We’ve been inseparable since we both could walk, our mothers having been best friends.

“You know I do.” I can feel the blush break across my cheeks, warming them.

IMG_2654He leans down, sucking my nipple hard and letting it out with a pop. It makes me moan again, and I try to work my wet pussy against him, but he grabs my hips to stop my movements. I let out a sound of frustration, and look up into his eyes.

“You’re going to be my wife, Mary.” He says it with utter certainty in his eyes, and I melt as he looks into mine. I run my finger down his face, feeling the roughness of his day-old shave. Slowly, I nod at him, whispering my, “Yes.”

“Tomorrow, you’re going to put on my ring, and we’re going to tell your parents, aren’t we?”

I slowly nod again, and when he doesn’t answer me I whisper, “Yes,” again. I’ll wear his ring, I’m just not sure about telling them yet. Maybe it’s something we should do in person with the whole family there. Thanksgiving is close, and I think if Tony’s family is there they can help get my dad under control. We spend every holiday together, his family and mine. We are our own little makeshift family.

“Good. It’s about goddamn time,” he says before attacking my mouth with his, his tongue pushing into my mouth as he controls the kiss.

“I’m going to make you so fucking happy, princess.”



Fall into Place is the concluding novella in Alexa Riley’s popular Taking the Fall Series. We are given, in one volume, two separate standalone works: the story of Anthony and Mary, and the story of Samuel and Anika.

Anthony (Tony) is Samuel’s best friend and he shares the same birthday with both his best bud, as well as Samuel’s twin sister, Mary. Tony has loved Mary since their birth — consider it insta-love in the nursery. When Samuel catches wind of Tony and Mary’s plans to elope to Las Vegas, he comes along for the ride — Tony needs a best man and Samuel wouldn’t miss his twin’s wedding for the world. On their way to Sin City, Samuel meets his fate when he’s struck with insta-love for a gorgeous Russia girl named Anika (Nika).

Promising his sister and best friend that he will make it for their wedding, Samuel goes and claims his lady love.

Okay, let’s stop here and review:  We have two hunky alpha males, both twenty-one, both virgins, both insta-loving their mates. And we have two gorgeous females, again, both virgins, also insta-loving their men. Both Tony and Mary, as well as Samuel and Nika end up getting married hours apart in Vegas.  What are the odds of that?

Once married, you’d expect the hormones of these two young couples to go into overdrive and being a fan of Alexa Riley, one might expect some really steamy, cherry-surrendering, explosive sex. Um, yeah, no — strictly vanilla beans are being flicked here, folks. (One character actually admits to learning technique from — wait for it — YouTube videos.)

This reader found Samuel and Nika’s story to be the more interesting of the two — the insta-love was hot and Samuel is the definition of an alpha male. Not eager to breed, Samuel and Nika have some adventurous times before they settle down. Tony and Mary’s story takes on a more romantic tone — Tony’s been loving Mary for twenty-one years, and their union has been in the cards forever. He’s eager to breed.

It’s a generous gift when an author takes a series of characters and plays out their stories to the next generation, and in Fall into Place, that’s exactly what Alexa Riley has done.  One does not need to have read any of the prior four installments to enjoy the stories of these two couples. As mentioned above, these two stories definitely stand alone. They’re both quick reads and Riley does a nice job of wrapping up not only the Tony/Mary and Samuel/Nika storylines (including a peek into their respective futures), but the author gives all her characters from the entire series a satisfying sendoff. It’s like hitting the jackpot!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3/4

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*




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I’m Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn’t find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.

Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can’t let the other soccer moms know what I’m up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they’ve got nothing on my dirty talk.

I’m here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I’m what you’re looking for.

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