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Review: 500 Confessions by K. C. Hitt

500 Confessions 


K. C. Hitt

500 Confessions is a compilation of 500 real sexual  confessions from real people. Compiled over almost four years, they range from those that push the boundaries of sexuality, to the cute moments many of us dream of experiencing during sexual activity. Some are of a caring nature with the ability to heal, and some are crushing with long lasting and outreaching effects. Others are dark and twisted making one feel extremely uncomfortable, while some cause the heart to flutter with excitement. Perhaps most intriguing is the knowledge that some, or all, of these confessions weremeant to stay as secrets, never to be known by anyone.
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500 Review

I confess:  I read every single one of the confessions revealed in K. C. Hitt’s 500 Confessions as if each were the lightest, crispiest, most golden potato chip ever made — and I could not stop at just one.  I devoured the entire book as if I were on a junk food binge.

Collected over a period of four years, the author has complied from individuals 500 revelations concerning their sexual practices, thoughts, encounters, desires and disappointments.  The penitents come from all walks of life, of all gender identities, of all sexual preferences and orientations. And what results is erotica of the finest nature — erotica whose genesis is actual truth.

The revelations are at times stunning, shocking, delightful, funny, and sad.  Taboos are broken, fantasies are realized, secrets are revealed. And through author Hitt, all are whispered in the ear for your enjoyment, to do with what you will.

So go ahead, give in to your inner voyeur — treat yourself with 500 Confessions.

Note: This is erotica which means its content is meant to sexually stimulate.  It is adult reading, published for a specific, mature audience.


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500 Confessions
Author: K.C. Hitt
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: November 3, 2015

K.C. Hitt is an author who loves putting pen to paper. Intrigued from a young age, K.C. began taking writing more seriously after finishing university and dedicates a large portion of time to all things writing related.

Although K.C. has enjoyed writing many genres including adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense, the major focus has always been romance. From light-hearted to adult, and most recently dark romance, the idea of the struggle and the power of love has always been the centralized interest.


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